"Over the last 10 years, it has become imperative for CEOs to have not just a general understanding of the intellectual property issues facing their business and their industry…


About Us


‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is a phrase that cannot describe Innovation in Africa any better. The Global Innovation Index (GII) an index ranking world economies based on innovation inputs and outputs has revealed that Sub-Saharan countries are making great strides in the innovation agenda.

For several editions, the GII has noted that the Sub-Saharan Africa region performs well on the innovation front. Since 2012, Sub-Saharan Africa has had more countries among the group of innovation achievers than any other region with nine economies ranking in the 2016 top 100 economies in the GII namely Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, and Uganda. Interestingly most of these are in East, Central and Southern Africa. Of this group Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, and Uganda stand out for being innovation achievers at least four times in the past with Kenya the Chief innovation achiever in the Sub Sahara region since 2011. With the positive state of innovation in Sub Sahara Africa ProspectIP Africa has been formed to provide the expertise to support innovation and the management of Intellectual assets created in the region.

ProspectIP Ventures located in Kenya, trading as ProspectIP Africa and its sister company ProspectIP based in the UK are specialist intellectual property and innovation management companies providing intellectual property, intellectual asset and intellectual capital advisory services to businesses both large and small, Government organisations, research establishment and the financial services and investment communities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The IP requirements and needs of Africa are different to those of North America, Europe and Asia. ProspectIP Africa was formed to provide IP management services specifically tailored to meet the needs and requirements of businesses, innovators and research establishments on the African continent.

We have a broad range of professional IP experience across a variety of industries and work with our clients to provide hands-on advice and practical guidance to manage their IP assets.



IP Audit & Evaluation

Identify & evaluate IP assets

IP Protection

Protection of all formal & informal rights

IP risk Management policy

Mitigate IP leakage & IP theft

IP insurance

IP Management

Formal & informal IP policies

IP development strategy

IP Valuation & Finance

Valuation of IP assets

Use assets to raise finance

Use assets on balance sheet

IP Monetisation

IP licensing

IP assignment/sale

IP divestment



ProspectIP Africa has assembled a world class team with unrivalled experience in the development, management and monetisation of intellectual property rights and intellectual assets.

Our team has collectively worked for or carried out assignments for over 200 large and small companies, across diverse industry sectors. We have also worked with government organisations, research institutions, investment organisations and international organisations such as the World Bank and the European Union.

Our skill base includes the management, strategic development, risk management, due diligence, valuation, financing and monetisation of intellectual property rights and assets.

What IP assets do you own?

Knowing what IP assets you own is the first stage in the management of your intangible assets. Intangibles now account for about 80% of the total value of many organisations, therefore it is vital that you identify and know what assets you own, how they can be protected, know what they are worth and finally how to monetise them.

We have tools and processes and tool to help you identify your organisations IP assets.

What are the IP risks in your organisation?

“By its very nature, there are both rewards and risks associated with intellectual property. For anyone involved in IP, then IP related risks are part of working life. Any business professor will tell you that the value of companies has been shifting markedly from tangible assets, “bricks and mortar”, to intangible assets like intellectual property in recent years. Research has indicated that intangibles now account for about 80% of the total value of many companies. There is no data available on the scale or size of the risks associated with IP facing organisations, but one can assume that it is significant. IP risk management involves understanding, analysing and addressing IP risks to make sure organisations achieve their objectives. Proper IP risk management is an integrated and joined up approach to managing risks across an organisation and its extended networks. IP risk management is about ensuring that the organisation really understands its IP risks, and then mitigates pro-actively.”

We have processes and tools that can help you to minimise and mitigate IP Risk

What is your IP Worth ?

An IP Valuation is an estimate of what your IP is worth and is highly important:

  • When you are looking to licence or sell your IP
  • When you are part of a joint venture
  • When you are seeking funding from investors or banks
  • When you are seeking IP-based tax relief

We have tools to value your IP assets.

Over the last 10 years, it has become imperative for CEOs to have not just a general understanding of the intellectual property issues facing their business and their industry… they must now be able to formulate strategies that capitalize on and maximize the value of their company’s IP assets to drive growth, innovation and cooperative relationships with other companies.

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